College of Business

The College of Business North Jeddah (COBNJ),  is a newly established College as an off spring of KAU with eight departments to provide standard education in:

1. Accounting.

2. Finance and Insurance.

3. Marketing.

4. Management Information System (MIS).

5. Law.

6. Health Services and Hospital Management.

7. Human Resources Management.

8. Information Management.




To be a leading business school on the local and regional levels in terms of producing graduates with best professional skills, always ready to acquire leading roles in the field of business management.




The College of Business at North Jeddah strives for providing the best educational and research programs in the business management areas that enrich students with the skills needed to close the gap between higher education graduates and labor markets whether local or international.




1. Produce best cadres graduate best cadres in various business disciplines with all the required skills well suited the job market environment.

2. Provide educational programs that emphasize gaining practical experience for the students prior to graduating such as Co-Op training programs.

3. Presenting a high quality academic environment that assures acquiring needed skills and valuable knowledge for the undergraduates students.
4. Contribute to community by building strategic partnerships with civil society organizations and business sectors.

5. Contribute in solving the problems of economic, administrative and financial constraints that facing the business communities and government sectors through conducting research which in turn contributes to the development of the national economy.

6. Develop relationships with international educational institutions.




Spread the culture of continuous achievement among college employees and students.


Initiative in presenting the work in productive and developed way that reflects the vision of the college.   

Team work sprit

Promote the importance of the role of working as a team to achieve goals collectively.

Community Service

Carrying forward the message of King Abdul Aziz University that the College of Business at North Jeddah will constantly engage in community service and fulfill the role of social responsibility both for individuals and businesses.

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