College of Business

Dean's Resume


Name: Abdul-Ilah Bin Seif Al--Dean Ghazi Sa'ati




  • High Diploma in Hospital and Health Management / Georgia State University-USA, 1991.
  • PhD in Public Management / Alabama University-USA, 1985.
  • vM.A. in Public Management/ South California University -USA, 1980.


  • Dean of the Faculty of Business at King Abdul-Aziz University.
  • Assistant Professor and Vice-Dean for the Community College at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah.
  • General Manager for the Saudi Insurance Company.
  • Training and Scholarships Supervisor at the Ministry of Health.
  • Head Director of Health Media, Public Relations and Publications at the Ministry of Health.
  • Manager Assistant for Health Directorate in Jeddah.
  • Manager Assistant for Fahd Hospital in Jeddah. 


  • Principles of Hospital Management and their Applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyad 2000)
  • Cooperative Health Insurance between Theory and Practice (Jeddah 2004).
  • The Growth of Health Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2002).


  • The Role of Community Colleges in Achieving Alignment between the Outputs of Higher Education and the Job Market Requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. /  Saudi Scientific Journal of Management (King Saud University).
  • Measurement of Awareness Level of the Saudi Society about Health Insurance. / Journal of Commerce and Finance Studies (University of Cairo).
  • Research Title: Takaful – An Islamic Way of Insurance, Development, Growth, Challenges and Issues / H.R. Journal of Management.
Research Title: Takaful – An Islamic Way of Insurance / Journal of Business and Finance, V.B.S. Purvanchal University, India. 


  • The National Committee for Evaluating and Developing Health Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (created by His Majesty).
  • The Higher Media Committee at King Abdulaziz University.
  • The International Committee of  Insurance.
  • The National Aid Fund Council to Overcome Poverty.
  • Al-Mashura Cultural Committee for Al-Jindariyya Festival (1425 H).
  • Advisory Board of the Journal of Training and Technology issued by the Public Institition for Technical Learning and Vocational Training.
  • The Council of the International Saudi Chamber of Commerce subsumed under the Council of Saudi Chambers.
  • Third National Forum.
  • Head of the Management Committee for the Hospitals of the Western Region of the Kingdom (includes Hospitals of the Ministry of Health, the University Hospital, Hospital of Defense, and the National Guard Hospital) during 1407-1412 H.
  • The Council of Jeddah Centre for Science and Technology.
  • Head of some committees formed by the Minsiter of Health, and a member of others.
  • Chairman of the Insurance Council in the Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah.
  •  Disabled Children's Association.
  • National Insurance Committee.
  • Patients' Friends Committee in Jeddah. 


  • Participated in a variety of Media Activities, and headed some journal issues such as the Al-Ghadd Journal at King Abdulaziz University, the Journal of Resurrection in the USA, and the Health Journal in Jeddah.
  • A journalist in some local Saudi newspapers.
  • Gave lectures and presented a number of scientific papers in various courses and conferences in and out of Saudi Arabia.
  • Supervised a number of the M.A. theses and a committee member for others. 


  • American Association of Management
  • Saudi Association of Management
  • American Association of Hospitals
  • American Association for Executive Managers
  • Arab Association for Management of Human Resources 
  • American Association for Training and development



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